Tribute Gifts 2014-2015

In Memory of Dr. Charles G. Alexander
Susan Alexander

In Honor of Stuart Angert
Mary Jo and Peter Hunt

In Memory of Harry W. Angleson ’58
Karen C. Angleson

In Honor of Dick Cattani ’64
Gutenstein Foundation, Inc.

In Memory of Dr. H. David Chamberlain
David W. Eaton ’61
Paul Smith’s College
Anne Schepp

In Memory of Steven W. Chaput ’70
Ken F. Nephew ’70

In Memory of Richard A. Dearborn ’50
Judith Dearborn

In Honor of John T. Dillon ’58
Louis A. and Ada Marini

In Honor of Dr. Cathy Dove
Anthony J. Knapp Jr. ’62

In Memory of Donald J. Forth ’50
Olive D. (Dimitroff ) Forth ’49

In Memory of Thomas M. Gatzke ’62
Jane Gatzke

Carol A. and Robert C. Phillips III

In Memory of Lou Gerard ’59
Faye Gerard

In Memory of William A. Gokey ’48
Earl N. Fahey ’72

In Memory of Paul Gorski
James E. Donner

In Memory of Jean Hardy
Sandra Hildreth

In Memory of Professor Emeritus Gould Hoyt
Michael D. Srago ’61

In Memory of Truste Emeritus Frank M. Hutchins
Joyce H. and Stuart H. Angert
Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
Shirley and Edmund L. Kidd
Mark C. Valkenburgh

In Memory of Gunther Katz ’56
Mary and Kenneth L. Nolan ’63

In Memory of Mark D. Kelsey ’68
Franklin K. Whitson ’70

In Memory of Bonnie Knight
Linda M. Scott

In Honor of Lussi’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

William N. Creasy Jr.
Mary Jo and Peter Hunt

In Memory of Courtney Nelson
Peter Kirchner

In Honor of Dr. Richard Nelson
Thomas Huber
Sharon L. Van Auken

In Honor of John E. O’Bryan ’07
Margaret (O’Bryan) and Scott L. Rishel ’71

In Memory of Nicolas Pendl ’16
Allegany‑Limestone Central School Teacher’s Association
Ruth Devine Anthony and Paul Anthony
Kimberly and Gary Ayers
Baillie Lumber Company
John A. Balacki
Ann and Peter Barry
Kalyn Burgess
Linda and Ronald A. Cecchi
Barbara Chew
Karen H. and Todd D. Clark
D. Deitz
Barbara J. Endersen
Virginia Figura
Marie G. Finch
Diane L. and Stanley L. Fox
Franklinville PTO
Jennifer A. and Timothy R. Griffin
George Hall
Cecily and Joseph Higgins
Jacquelyn J. Howden
Annette and Steve Hulbert
Jamestown Community College Foundation Inc.
Sharon Kane
Mary Beth Kelly
Charlene Kinney
Natalie B. (Bombard ’51) Leduc and Cyril J. Murphy ’52
Kristen M. Leopold
Theresa and David B. Levine
Wendy M. and John W. Mallery
Colleen and Merlin D. Martin
Fredonia Friends
Jane and Steven Mulvihill
Kimberly and Todd Palmer
Paul Smith’s College
Mary Potter
Theodore D. Potter Sr. ’53 †
Judith M. and Theodore D. Potter Jr.
Sheryl A. and Samuel L. Quattrone

In Memory of Nicolas Pendl ’16 (continued)
Joseph A. Quinlan
Klara K. and Ronald H. Randall
Wayne Ratowski
Peggy A. and Stephen A. Reitz
Wanda J. Renick
Elieen and Robert Shabala Sr.
Margaret and Charles L. Shaw
Michelle and S. Alan Silliker
St. Bonaventure Outreach Corp.
Karol M. and Shawn Stayer
Carol and James E. Stitt
Linda Thiel
Arlene K. and Alton J. Thurston
Helen A. Trainor
Sandra H. Tucker
Eunice Valley
Susan Valley‑Putt
Denise D. and Donald A. Veloski
Kathleen F. and David L. Volz
W.J. Cox Associates, Inc.
Marcie and Jeffrey Wallen
Leroy Warner
Cinda Stayer Warner and R. Gregg Warner
Suzanne C. Watson
Carol Wittmeyer
Christine E. Wittmeyer
Doris E. and Kenneth W. Wyant
Kathleen and Walter T. Zeznick

In Honor of Ronald A. Perlik ’77
Lynn Perlik

In Memory of Francis and George Peroni
Suzanne D. Wrenn ’83

In Memory of Herbert C. Pollock
Sarah H. Gordon

In Memory of James F. Reese ’87
Cathy Reese

In Memory of Kyle D. Riedman
General Electric Foundation
Laurie and Timothy Kruppenbacher

In Honor of Scott L. Rishel ’71
Margaret (O’Bryan) Rishel


In Memory of Mary Anne and Charles L. Ritchie Jr.
Paul Smith’s College

In Honor of Doreen Stratton
Eileen Crary
Thomas Huber
Sharon L. Van Auken

In Memory of Stirling Tomkins Jr.
Paul Smith’s College

In Memory of Christopher K. Tuttle ‘00
Raymond Agnew
Susan Alexander
Margot and Robert Allen
Renee Burslem
Christine Casey
Claire S. and Patrick J. Clelland
Sue B. Delp
Patricia A. and Richard J. Dorsey
Cathy and Jeffrey Dove
Karen Edwards
Ellen M. Eshchuk ’75
Philip Fiacco
David B. Forer
Brenda Garver
Gail M. Gibson Sheffield
Alice and Richard Gochman
Merle and Marc Gold
IBM Corporation
Corina Larkin
Richard Lewis ’63
Barbara Malerba
Virginia A. and Robert A. McAleese
Roxanne and Mark McCarty
Mary and Dan McLean
Karen Miemis
Meg Balassone-Mills and John W. Mills
Carol Murtagh
David J. O’Brien ’63
Paul Smith’s College
Paul Smith’s College Veteran’s Club
Brenda Peckham
Katherine Peckham
Norma Peckham
Patricia and Paul M. Pillis ’69
Reiko Rexilius-Tuthill
Mary L. Riley
Rebecca Romeo
Laura Rozell
Andrea Rutherford
Lois and Wayne Sansbury
Joann V. and James M. Sheehey
Diane P. Smook
Curt Stager
Susan Y. and William A. Sweeney
The National Union Bank of Kinderhook
Heather A. (Peckham ’99) Tuttle
Virginia and Kenneth D. West
Andrea B. Wilcox

In Memory of Betsy VanDusen
Claire S. and Patrick J. Clelland

In Honor of Anne Weld
Weld Family Fund

+ = Deceased
^ = Participates in matching gift program