Scholarship Donors 2014-2015

Lindsay and Olive B. O’Connor Foundation Scholarship

The A. Lindsay and Olive B. O’Connor Foundation

Adirondack Mountain Club Scholarship
Arthur Haberl
General Electric Foundation

Andrew Vaughan Memorial Scholarship
Carol Vaughan

Arthur and Frances Draper Scholarship
Adirondack Foundation
Caroline (Draper ’60) and Serge G. Lussi

Bartlett Tree Scholarship
The Bartlett Tree Foundation

Brian Winfield Smith ’95 Memorial Scholarship
Linda and David P. Kirstein

Mark Antonio “Max” Calderone Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Adirondack Medical Center
Adirondack Medical Center Saranac Lake Laboratory Employees
Raymond Agnew
Suzanne M. Rice and Clyde H. Baker
Sam Baker
Blue Line Brewery LLC
Betty K. and Thomas M. Boothe
Kathleen and Ronald A. Bowler
Beverly Bridger
Karla and Charles E. Brieant
Jamie Brydalski ’05
Richard D. Brydalski III ’99
Bettina Calderone
Cristina S. Calderone
Donna and Mark Calderone
Susan B. and Paul C. Capone
Barbara M. and Phillip C. Capone
Patricia H. and James R. Carnell
Joan Cela
Nancy L. and Charles R. Dalley
Maria A. and Ronald P. Darrah
Linda Dean
Elizabeth and Daniel Dolginko
Patricia and Nathan Dowden
Patricia M. Dragon
Ralph Etienne
Nancie Battaglia and Edward P. Finnerty
Katie Fischer
Nancy Sue Foltz and David Woodward
Dianne D. Fortado and Mr. Philip K. Newton
Sara L. Friedman‑McMullian
Mary and Arthur R. George
Teresa Glover ’95
Teresa A. Gonzalez
Josephine and Clifford R. Gromer
Tina L. Hamaker
Kimberly Hayes
Amy C. Heckethorn‑Jones ’81 and Peter G. Jones ’76
Susan Hermelin
Gail Ellen Huston
Innovative Real Estate Marketing & Management, Inc.
Kathy M. and Lee L. Jamison
Zachary C. Jarosz
Eileen D. Jauch
Amy C. Heckethorn‑Jones ’81 and Peter G. Jones ’76
Carrie Joyce
Kevin and Betty Ann Keane
Patricia A. Kimpton
Jane E. Pino and James S. King
Sarah (Parker ’90) and Robert Lewin
Garry A. Little
Kathy Little
Carole J. Macey ’85
Andrew Manchester ’89
Mariajoanna Kummer‑Mangiafridda and Frank Mangiafridda
Pamela and Dean Martin
Terry and John H. Martino ’76
Marie and George McBride
Roxanne and Mark McCarty
Judy Mckay
Mary and Dan McLean
Isabelle McManus
Cameron Melville
Brenda Murphy ’77
Dianne D. Fortado and Philip K. Newton
Heather Nicolai‑Oliver
Judith L. Nisson
Carmen Ordonez
Lisa Paschke
Paul Smith’s College
Paul Smith’s College Students
Mary Beth Frary Pelletieri and Philip E. Pelletieri
Lynne G. and David Perry
Penna Phamnguyen
Patricia and Paul M. Pillis ’69
Lynn Pino
Elizabeth and Robert Pino
Mike and John Quenell
Alyssa and Ed Randig
Susan A. and Daniel D. Reandeau
RF Industries and Associates Inc.
Mary L. Riley
Laura Rozell
Kristen R. Sandler ’02
Saranac Lake Central School District
Carley Sawyer
Robin Schneider
Adriana Stefan‑Simandle and Eric Simandle
David W. Simmons ’07
Suzanne Snizek
Anne Sterling Alsina
Eva H. and James D. Stinson
Jill and Jonathan N. Strand
Lois and Donald R. Stunzi ’72
Neil Surprenant
Jane and Dick Swintek
Jen and Chris Tissot
Trudeau Sand and Gravel, Inc.
Jim Tyler
Linda Vadnais‑Metz
Lorraine Valley
Alyson S. and Michael J. Ward
Jess and Austin Warner
Andrea B. Wilcox
Brenda and Philip Williams
Dana Wood

Cantwell Family Memorial Scholarship
James B. Cantwell ’67
Suzy and Paul M. Cantwell Jr.

Charles Cain Memorial Scholarship
Ian T. Haines ’14

Charles D. Kirche Memorial Scholarship
Laura Rozell

Creighton C. Fee Alumni Surveying Scholarship
Doug Fitzgerald ’75
Eric L. Gabrielson Jr. ’92
Northern NY Assoc. of Land Surveyors

Dan Richards Leadership Achievement Award
Daniel E. Richards ’89

Dave and Linda Eaton Scholarship Endowment
David W. Eaton ’61

David A. Nemzer ’64 Educational Resources Fund
David A. Nemzer ’64
Homer R. Reese Jr. ’68

Edward F. Prescott Memorial Scholarship
Shen-Zhuang and Charles A. Prescott

Ives Turner Memorial Scholarship
Samuel K. Lessey
Roxanne and Mark McCarty

Foodbuy Scholarship
Foodbuy, LLC
Ross Kellman

Frank M. Hutchins Endowded Scholarship
Jeanne B. Hutchins
Shirley and Edmund L. Kidd

Gould Hoyt Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Jan and Robert M. Brhel ’80
John N. Dickinson ’64
Vance J. Gilligan ’69
Martin F. Golden ’66
James A. Martin ’74
Laurie A. Ozga ’85
John P. Palmer ’68
Lizabeth Pope ’74
James R. Runyan ’68
Michele J. Scheff ’80
Sprint Foundation
Timothy J. Vail ’75

Hoyt/McKittrick Natural Resource Scholarship
Russell C. McKittrick ’67

James D. Kurtowicz ’66 Memorial Scholarship
Kathleen A. Keck
Roland R. Page ’66
Amy Tuthill

Jarl Victor Memorial Scholarship
Nancy and Jarl B. Victor

Jim Chapman ’73 Veterans Scholarship
James L. Chapman ’73
Kathleen A. Keck
Amy Tuthill

John W. Mills and Meg Balassone-Mills Scholarship
Adirondack Foundation
Raymond Agnew
Katherine and James A. Allen ’78
Joyce H. and Stuart H. Angert
Darrell Austen ’94
Suzanne and Paul E. Avery
Alyson J. Bennett ’81
Audrey and Ralph W. Blum ’54
Nardyne and Richard C. Cattani ’64
Robert M. Chur
Christopher C. Diedrich ’84
John T. Dillon ’58
Cathy and Jeffrey Dove
Patricia and Nathan Dowden
Charles V. Dyke ’61
David W. Eaton ’61
Ellen M. Eshchuk ’75
Kathy and Norman T. Fedder ’69
Linda and Robert Fox
Walter J. Ganzi Jr. ’63
Kathleen A. Gowen ’86
Leo J. Hadjis ’58
Caroline and John W. Herold ’65
James E. Hodock ’74
Cory R. Hoffman ’09
Eric R. Holmlund
Mary Jo and Peter Hunt
Jeanne B. Hutchins
Todd E. Jones ’90
Gavin Latour
Richard Lewis ’63
Veronica and Pieter V.C. Litchfield
Caroline (Draper ’60) and Serge G. Lussi
Sharon and Jon L. Luther ’67
Sue MacGregor
John A. Maille ’82
Joseph McCranels ’54
Katherine Mullen
Frederick R. Oberst ’63
David J. O’Brien ’63
Diane B. and John A. Paganelli
Paul Smith’s College
Ronald A. Perlik ’77
Frederick G. Pierce
Ruth Pino ’83
Daniel E. Richards ’89
Thomas J. Rosol ’74
Randy Sadlon ’80
Curt Stager
John P. Stephens ’87
Susan Y. and William A. Sweeney
Daniel D. Tessoni
Liz Thorndike
Anthony C. Tomkowski ’64
Amy Tuthill
Heather A. (Peckham ’99) and Christopher K. Tuttle ’00 †
Melissa Uhlik ’76
Andrea (Dewey) Urmston ’89
Francine and Peter Walker
Martha E. (Lang ’77) Watts
Katharine and Curtis Welling
Richard J. Zucconi ’63

Jon and Sharon Luther Hospitality and Restaurant Management Scholarship
Sharon and Jon L. Luther ’67

Llenroc Scholarship
The Glens Falls Foundation

Lyle Frank Hospitality Scholarship
Lyle J. Frank ’65

Lyle Luther Natural Resource Management and Ecology Scholarship
Sharon and Jon L. Luther ’67

Matthew S. LeClair ’83 Memorial Scholarship
Erlinda and William J. LeClair

Mercer Cutlery Scholarship
Mercer Tool Corporation

Nancy Sexton Susice and Lawrence Sexton ’69 Memorial Scholarship
Kathleen A. Keck
Jill Susice

Partridge Invitation Scholarship
Nardyne and Richard C. Cattani ’64
The Partridge-Invitation Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

Raymond M. Krainski ’77 Memorial Scholarship
Kathleen A. Keck
Amy Tuthill

Ruth Gillespie Browne Memorial Scholarship
Carolyn B. Malkin

Statler Foundation Small Scholarship Program
Statler Foundation

Success Award
David A. Nemzer ’64

Thomas “Red” McGraw ’48 Memorial Scholarship
FM Global Foundation
Lorraine Giangreco ’48

Virginia and Michael Adler Endowed Scholarship
Virginia and Michael S. Adler

William F. Wilkinson ’62 Memorial Scholarship
Thomas Given

William J. Cox Memorial Fund Scholarship
William J. Cox Memorial Fund

+ = Deceased
^ = Participates in matching gift program